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Which type of psych theory/therapy is most accurate?

Which theory would you base your therapy on?∂=3






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Either one is solely as the discretion of the patient and it so depends on which avenue of approach is best for your type of illness. One of the draws backs of ELS is still the problem with memory, long and short term. Even though ELS is gentler today there still remains the problem of memory.

ECLECTICISM THEORY AND THERAPY is a subject matter I am not familiar with so someone else may have to speak to that until I can bring myself up to speed on the mode, if you will.

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I believe this form the most: ECLECTICISM THEORY AND THERAPY.

Because in my opinion, the human psych really is a combination of friggin everything. The things that happened to you in childhood and how they effect you; imitation and adaptation of the parents and family members (but this most definitely is to a smaller degree than what I believe of the psycho-dynamics), and the choice to consciously and at least subconsciously (in the sense you KNOW what you're doing and why, but delusional or distraught about it) choose how one wants to act and behave, but only applies to adulthood and not childhood behavior, nor barely, teenagers.

However, any of the 4 can be "accurate"... depending who they're applied to. The first three I wouldn't say are solely accurate to every given person as much as eclecticism applies to everyone.

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I would have to say electro shock therapy works the best. ;)

I am not sure what the theory is.

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